Kenneth Stanley:
acts as MC and sings the
baritone part.
Though out-numbered, and
most times out-voted by the
female members, he good-
naturedly takes the teasing.
Yet, when the Holy Spirit leads the songs to a point of  seriousness, he is used by
God to minister to people in the concerts.
Of course he taught all the girls to sing LOL

Kenneth is married to Sherry and has 2 sons, Tommy & Chris.
Carolyn Downey:
is an original member of the  group, singing alto and sometimes lead.

Carolyn's daily walk with the Lord has given her inspiration for the many original songs that she has written for the group.

Carolyn has 2 children, Melissa Bordelon and Daniel Downey,  4 grandchildren, Julian Machann, Adrienne Machann, Olivia Machann & Devon Downey
Trisha Harvill:
originally started out as the Stanleys piano player. Over the years she has developed a style of singing all her own which comes from deep within her heart.

Trish sings lead and soprano, and also writes many songs for the group. She admits many songs come to her while she is cooking, which because of the number of songs she has written must be where she spends a majority of her time.

Trish is married to Mike, and has 2 children, Cody and Micha
and 1 grandaughter, Emma Rose and 1 grandson Ethan Michael Harvill.
Diann Stanley:
In loving memory of our dear Mother, Sister and Friend. 

Diann was an original member of The Stanleys and loved the Lord with all her heart. 
She sang and then  ran the sound for the group for many years.
We miss you!!!